"The West Coast Delay"
Season 1, Episode 4
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Air date October 9, 2006
Written by Mark Goffman
and Aaron Sorkin
Directed by Timothy Busfield
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The West Coast Delay is the fourth episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It was written by Mark Goffman and Aaron Sorkin and directed by Timothy Busfield. It premiered on October 9, 2006.



Jordan is approached by Vanity Fair columnist Martha O'Dell, requesting access to Studio 60 to write a long lead story about the rebirth of the show. Harriet offers Matt a baseball bat she was given by a major league baseball player, unaware that the pitcher had written his phone number on it. When it's discovered that the show has inadvertently plagiarized another comedian's material during a sketch, the team scrambles to break into the taped West Coast feed to correct their error.





  1. Matthew Perry as Matt Albie
  2. Amanda Peet as Jordan McDeere
  3. Bradley Whitford as Danny Tripp
  4. Steven Weber as Jack Rudolph
  5. D.L. Hughley as Simon Stiles
  6. Sarah Paulson as Harriet Hayes
  7. Nate Corddry as Tom Jeter
  8. Timothy Busfield as Cal Shanley
  9. Evan Handler as Ron Oswald
  10. Carlos Jacott as Ricky Tahoe

Guest stars

  1. Cyia Batten as Wendy (Bombshell Babies)
  2. Kelvin Yu as Kevin Yu
  3. Michael Hyatt as Maisie
  4. Ayda Field as Jeannie Whatley
  5. Diana-Maria Riva as Lilly Rodriguez
  6. Merritt Wever as Suzanne
  7. Fred Stoller as Lenny Gold

Special guest star

  1. Christine Lahti as Martha O'Dell


  1. Teddy Sears as Darren Wells
  2. Nate Torrence as Dylan Killington
  3. Camille Chen as Samantha Li
  4. Amir Talai as Fred
  5. Lucy Davis as Lucy
  6. Chris Hogan as Hal
  7. John Ennis as Denny
  8. John Cabrera as Elliot
  9. Wendle Josepher as Deb
  10. Staci B. Flood as Staci
  11. Karla Andrade as Karla
  12. Kasey Campbell as Kasey
  13. Telisha Shaw as Telisha
  14. Amita Balla as Antonia
  15. William Stanford Davis as the Floor Manager
  16. Amy Honey as P.A. #1
  17. Jah Shams as P.A. #2


Opening credits

  1. Aaron Sorkin - Creator
  2. W.G. Snuffy Walden - Music
  3. Mark Goffman - Producer
  4. Patrick Ward - Producer
  5. Eli Attie - Co-executive Producer
  6. Dylan K. Massin - Produced by
  7. Mark Goffman &
  8. Aaron Sorkin - Writers
  9. Timothy Busfield - Director

Opening credits

  1. Aaron Sorkin - Executive Producer
  2. Thomas Schlamme - Executive Producer
  3. Julie DeJoie - Associate Producer
  4. Mindy Kanaskie - Associate Producer
  5. Lauren Lohman - Associate Producer
  6. Dana Calvo - Story Editor
  7. Jessica Brickman - Staff Writer
  8. David Handelman - Staff Writer
  9. Cinque Henderson - Staff Writer
  10. Melissa Myers - Staff Writer
  11. Amy Turner - Staff Writer

Uncredited appearancesEdit

Tate Hanyok as Carrie
Simon Helberg as Alex
Zeb Newman as Trevor
Amanda Tepe as Bobbie



  • When Matt is looking out the window, you can see the countdown clock behind them, the time in the seconds continue to count down, then the scene cuts back to Matt's head, and then it is back up. The count goes something like this, 40,39,38,35, all the way to like 20, then the next shot of it is back around the 35 area, with no change in the minute section.
  • Simon reads out a cricket score when they first cut in to the West Coast video feed to prove that they are live, but the cricket match he describes, a test match between the Bangalore Union cricket club and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, is impossible. Test matches are only played by the national teams of England, Australia, South Africa, the West Indies, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh.



  • Schlamme, T. & Sorkin, A. (Executive Producers). (2006, October 9). Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip [Television program]. Burbank, California: Warner Bros. Television.
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