Laura Innes
Laura Innes
Personal details
Birth place Pontiac, Michigan, USA
Profession Actress, Director
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Role Episodic director
Laura Innes, born August 16, 1957 in Pontiac, Michigan, USA, is an actress and director. She was an episodic director for the NBC drama Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Studio 60 creator Aaron Sorkin also hired her as a director for his earlier series The West Wing. She has also directed episodes of ER, House, Presidio Med, Journeyman, Brothers & Sisters, Awake, and Prime Suspect USA. She is known for her starring roles in ER, The Event and Awake.


"Pilot" "The Cold Open" "The Focus Group" "The West Coast Delay" "The Long Lead Story"
"The Wrap Party" "Nevada Day: Part 1" "Nevada Day: Part 2" "The Option Period" "B-12"
"The Christmas Show" "Monday" "The Harriet Dinner: Part I" "The Harriet Dinner: Part II" "The Friday Night Slaughter"
' "The Disaster Show" "Breaking News" "K & R: Part 1" "K & R: Part 2"
"K & R: Part 3" "What Kind of Day Has It Been"

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