Kim Tao
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Behind the scenes
Kim Tao is a recurring character in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on NBC. She is played by guest star Julia Ling and debuts in the series pilot. She is a viola prodigy and a student at Julliard. Her father Zhang Tao is a powerful Chinese businessman.


Kim is first seen visitng Los Angeles with her father, Zhang Tao , acting as his translator. Her father is in the midst of negotiating a business deal with Wilson White, the chairman of NBS's parent company, TMG .  She is a huge fan of Tom Jeter from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on NBS and as such uses her influence to joins Jack, Danny and Simon in Nevada after Tom is arrested.  

She is a protege viola player, but considers leaving Julliard to study improvisational comedy. In the hopes of gaining her father's favor, NBS Chairman Jack Rudolph promises her father that he will arrange for her to speak to Tom and get him to dissuade her.

Jack aranges this by having Tom take Kim to a dinner  in honor of  Harriet Hayes. However, she gets drunk and tries to seduce him. Jack and Tom take her back to Studio 60 to recover, where she pleads with Jack not to tell her father. Telling him that her father will not help Jack with his favor if he learns of the night's events. Jack nevertheless informs Zhang and earns his respect and his promise to help Jack and Wilson fight the TMG board of directors.


Kim enjoys reading celebrity gossip colums and is obsessed with American music, televison and other American medias. 

She has been playing the viola since she was four and  during her training was forced to spend the night at a cemetery to "toughen up".


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